Beginner Golfer Program

Here’s How to Get Started

1. Sign up and attend 3 weekly outdoor Beginner Golf Introductory Sessions:

    •  Sessions will be scheduled for 3 consecutive weeks in May (weather permitting) and run early evenings for approx. 3-4 hours.
    • Each session will include: 45 min range instruction with a Golf Pro; 90 minute walking play with a CWGI Mentor; post session social in the clubhouse. 

2. Participate in Beginner 9-Hole League Play (4 weeks in June):

  • Following your introductory golf sessions you get the chance to play with your beginner peers at a designated course.
  • Through your foursome you will meet your CWGI Mentor.  You will play 4 games to practice your skills and get comfortable.

3. Participate in 9-Hole League Play of your choice: 

    • Begin your 9-Hole League Play. 
    • Take part where and when you like. The Co-ordinator will match you to other similar level golfers.

Additional fees for clinics will be published when offered.