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April 2002 - PageStats v2.0 Released to Public
Tomahawk Technologies releases version 2.0 of PageStats, a site statistics reporting utility. This newest version of PageStats offers much improved memory utilization and data storage. This version of PageStats is being used on sites that encounter well over 100,000 hits per month with data storage and speed of retrieval less than 20% of PageStats v1. (PageStats v1 database of 45MB resizes to 8MB when converted to PageStats v2.0)

Improvements to the engine include enhanced Top Level Domain and referrer reporting functions. As well the engine now tracks all pages that generate 404 (page not found) type errors for quick "bad page" resolution.

Dec. 2001 - HawkVision Search Engine Released to Public
Tomahawk Technologies releases version 1.0 of HawkVision, a site indexing and search engine tool. This preliminary release includes full integration to SteelArrow with complete content indexing, and keyword searching based on web page META information. Currently in use on the Ottawa Senators and community web sites.

    Try the online demo right now and index your own site.

Nov. 2001 - Walking Tree Web Solutions Spun from Tomahawk Web
Web design and database integration now offered through Walking Tree Web Solutions. With increased requests for web development and related, Tomahawk spins off this new company to offer a focused web development group for web site customers. already boasts clients that include such high profile sites as: the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, Carleton University, TrailPAQ and the Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee.

Nov. 2001 - SteelArrow Now Offers Support for COM
Tomahawk Technologies SteelArrow product offering offers support for COM automation and automated site mirroring. With this new addition, the SteelArrow product now supports a broad base of technologies including: JavaScript, Java, COM, SMTP, POP3, NNTP, FTP, XML, WML and WDDX.

Oct. 2001 - SteelArrow Beats Similar Products in Response Testing
Tomahawk Technologies SteelArrow product offering out performs other Web Application Servers (WAS) available on the market. SteelArrow was tested against numerous widely available WAS technologies, and beat them hands down in the areas of efficiency, speed and overall memory utilization.

Oct. 2001 - Web Server Test Utility Released to Public
Tomahawk Technologies releases HTTPTester, a utility that can be used to test HTTP response times. Testing of web servers and response times often requires the use of expensive test suites. HTTPTester offers a QA tester invaluable information that can be used to determine server throughput. The utility offers several different modes of operation, and a multithreaded architecture to simulate "real-world" user requests.

Sep. 2001 - SeeTraffic Utility Released to Public
Tomahawk Technologies releases SeeTraffic, a utility that can be used to watch IIS server traffic in real-time. Utilizing Java for web display, SeeTraffic plugs into any IIS server and offers a view of traffic as it arrives at the server.

Aug. 2001 - PageStats v1.2 Released to Public
Tomahawk Technologies releases PageStats v1.2, a utility that can be used to record IIS server traffic. This new version of PageStats represents a complete rewrite of the underlying code base. With the rewrite comes enhanced memory handling, and better overall efficiency with the adoption of a threaded model. This release also marks a full integration of PageStats to SteelArrow. With this, site traffic recording is now an integrated element of SteelArrow.


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