*This is where various short golf-related articles are to be written by Leesa and posted*

In a world where golf has long been dominated by men, the Capital Women’s Golf Initiative (CWGI) has been a beacon of inclusivity and empowerment for Ottawa/Gatineau women since 1995. CWGI’s mission is to make golf accessible to women of all skill levels, providing resources and opportunities to embrace the game.

CWGI, Ottawa/Gatineau’s foremost all-woman golf organization, offers a welcoming community for women eager to explore or elevate their golfing skills. Join us to experience the personal growth, camaraderie, and fun that golf can bring. CWGI is your partner in golfing adventures, creating a comfortable and empowering environment where you can unleash your golfing potential. Tee off with CWGI and discover the joy of golfing among supportive, like-minded women.